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Some of the fondest memories I will always have, are of my years at Cass Tech. I had the best time all of those years and wish I could do it all over again. Growing up sucks, with all the responsibilities of life. Life always in "Turmoil" But what a ride it has been.
My first wife (Sandra Lawrence / Class of 1960 Cass) of 18 years (and mother of two beautiful sons) has become philosophical in her old age and has written me a beautiful proverb she stole somewhere: “God gave us memories, so we can have roses in the winter”
After Cass, I won a full scholarship (Yea!) to Arts & Crafts, I took fine art and dropped all of the design classes (had ‘em all at Cass) learned to smoke, cut classes and play Bongos, Drink and chase more girls.  Married Sandy Lawrence, had a beautiful son when I was 20 (he just turned 47 and lives in Royal Oak) I moved to New York with 2 brothers and started a Super Market in Long Island and went to painting classes a couple of times a week at Art Students League in New York City. Had another son (Peter) who lives in Tucson now  and is 44 with one daughter age 13.  Lived in New York for 3 years, and always being in the family business, came back to help another brother in the 8 track tape cartridge business duplicating music (Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs, Roy Orbison and lots of others).  Ran the midnight shift.  He sold it a year later and I found a job working on the board as an artist at a couple of studios.
I decided it wasn’t for me (I wasn’t that good as a fine artist and hated working on the board) so I went to work for Skidmore /Sahratian, one of the premier art studios. I wanted to be in sales, so I started there and worked there for about 17 years.
Went through the forty year itch, and got divorced and left my job to start my own business. Had some great success with the automotive companies and their ad agencies.  Had a crew of about 15 people in time.  Married one of them (#2) which lasted another 18 years.  Moved to California in 1990.  I couldn’t find a reasonable business and couldn’t get a job being over the hill at 50 something.  Got  divorced (she had a job and a good attorney).  So I started a catering business with another brother who had a room, kitchen and phone at his wholesale meat business.  After a couple of years doing all the marketing and sales, cooking and cleaning the business became quite successful.  All through the dot-commers in Silicon Vallley, business was great.
After divorce number two (she took the gold mine - I got the shaft), I moved in with my Mom and took care of her for 6 years (put her in a home after the six years). She died last year at 99.  I invited a Viet Namese girl to move in with me, and she stayed 6 years. What an emotional drain. What a temper! Even her kids hate her.  I moved to smaller quarters and she moved in with her sister and family.  I took her 19 year old son to live with me who is in college.  I learned to eat Noodle soup (Pho) with chopsticks!  Well, you know what happened to the dot-commers and the economy today.
I am still in business today, but scaled back and collecting Social Security and cooking.
I am looking for number 4, a woman with a boat who likes to clean fish.  Send Picture of boat.

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