9001 Larry LaCoss

Just before graduation I enlisted in the Navy and went off to boot camp shortly after putting on the cap and gown.  Made the submarine corps and did a pretty good job of "seeing the world" - just like their advert said. 5 great years as a sonarman and a navy diver. During part of that time I got to see Japan.

After getting out and graduating from college, I couldn't get Japan out of my head. So, I lined up a short-term job and headed over ... and didn't see the USA for 20 years!

Sailors speak about going Asiatic. I don't think that's what happened. It's more like the country fit me. And then there's the wonderful lady that I met at a church social here. Whatever, I've now been here for nearly 40 years and am happy and healthy and married for 33 years.

After 35 years in Tokyo, I retired and we now live in a small village. We live, somewhat isolated, on a peak overlooking the Pacific ocean. Kind of a kick for this city boy to have a veggie garden. My wife has 4 flower gardens to keep her busy.

If anyone has a question about Japan or would just like to say hello, contact me at: lacoss@gol.com.

Here we are having a Great dinner at a Japanese spa (Ryokan).