Doreen Reifler Broder

    Performing Arts/Polytech


 Just a quick bio from Doreen Reifler Broder.  I am married to Eugene Broder, class of 1958.  Since we just flew to Detroit to attend his reunion, I don't think I'll be up again to attend mine.  We moved to Florida in 1999 when Eugene got a new job here.  (I always said I would never live in Florida.  Never say never!!)  I can be reached at 7352 NW 83rd Way, Tamarac, FL 33321, 954-726-5499, or
    We have three children and two grandsons.  Our oldest daughter lives in Seattle and works with the agency coordinating research on a vaccine for AIDS.  Our son lives on the South Jersey shore and is a wildlife biologist.  Our youngest daughter lives in Philadelphia.  She is a consultant specializing in admissions for private schools.  The grandsons are 4 and 8--specializing in being boys.
    After Cass I attended Wayne and got my degree as a school librarian.  Then I had the kids and did not work outside of home.  When I was ready to return to the workplace, the thought of working with kids was not so appealing.  I became a proofreader, then editor, then production manager at Wayne State University Press.  Now that I live in Florida, I spend a lot of my time volunteering.  Things seem to have come full circle.  I volunteer in an elementary school library two days a week.
    I guess the thing I loved most about Cass was the diversity of the student population.  Also, we had fantastic teachers.  Who will ever forget an English class with Mr. Gow or history with Mr. Siegel?  I loved being editor of the newspaper.  It was fun meeting friends from all over the city for donuts downtown before school.