More Candids From The Senior Trip

?, Bernie Weingart, Mel Kalt, Steve Widlansky,
 Dave Kartalia, and Jay Werber

?. Mel Kalt, and Jay Werber

Marvin Fishman and Tessie Silvers

Bill Ayres, Marvin Fishman, ?, Syd Cash

Marvin Fishman and Tessie Silvers


Marsha Cousens and Mel Kalt

Row 1: Bernie Weingart, Mel Kalt, Tessie Silvers
Row 2: Dennis Shrewsberry, Pam Parisi, Marvin Fishman,
Marsha Cousens, Barry Ostrow, Sid Cash and Jay Werber


?,?, and ?

Back corners:  Paul Winkler and Marvin Fishman
Front:  Bernie Weingart, Barry Ostrow, ?, Pam Parisi, Marsha Cousens, Mel Kalt,
Ronda Rubinoff, ?, Tessie Silvers, and Steve Widlansky

Row 1: Jim Thompson, Mel Kalt, Marvin Fishman
Row 2, Jeff Bailey, Larry Franco, Syd Cash, Jay Werber, and Manny Porth
Back Row: Bernie Weingart

Tessie Silvers



Above photos provided by Ronda Rubinoff


Ron Brenz


Richard Geryan (?) and Patricia McDaniel

Above photos provided by Kathy Crowe Woudstra