Marsha Cousens Meckler


Over the past 50 years I’ve had two husbands, two daughters, two careers, and three broken elbows; lived in three cities;  traveled to 49 states; walked or swum the equivalent of about 35,000 miles over 30+ years; had many successes and made countless mistakes, all of which, I hope, have taught me something I needed to know.

After Cass Tech and Wayne, where I earned two degrees (Monteith College and Law), I moved to Ohio, where I married Bill Meckler, got a second law degree (Masters of Law), and practiced law.  I remained in Shaker Heights, Ohio, until 1990; however, neither the marriage nor the lawyering lasted very long; I now refer to myself as a “recovering attorney.” 

I co-directed the legal writing curriculum at Cleveland State Law School in the early-1980s, then became a self-employed writing consultant, helping lawyers and legal professionals to write better and without “legalese.”

In 1989 I married Michael Weinstein, a Mumford 1959 grad and Monteith classmate, who has been a sociology professor (at the University of Hawaii) since 1967.  Following a year-long sabbatical, he returned -- and I relocated -- to Honolulu, a city of almost one million people. 

Life is much calmer here than it seems to be in large cities elsewhere, and I have become less frantic than I used to be.   I get to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds me almost every day when I am outdoors exercising.

My daughter Amy, 38, is a sign-language interpreter and award-winning poet. Laura, 40, is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and is a White House Press Correspondent.  She and her husband, Paul Brodsky, are expecting their first child in early-August.  

Last summer, while visiting friends in Cleveland, I “rescued” my Cass Triangle from a friend’s attic, where I had stored it when I moved.  Once I brought it back with me, I enjoyed seeing so many once-familiar faces. I’m looking forward to seeing many of them in June. 


Marsha Meckler (Midge Cousens)